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Wine tour is one of the best travel experiences I have ever had.

JOHN, PR. Team

We recommend to you Gastronomy tour. It is full of good traditional dishes and taste wine.


I’m impressed from the Weekend in Magarevo. This place is full of nature and clean air.


Mountain beauties

Macedonian Alps are the southiest mountains in the Dinaric chain. Some have typical alpine morphology and vegetation, some have the characteristics of a dinaric karst. The hiking trails over these mountains lead through beautiful landscapes, dense pine woods and crystal-water...

Macedonian Wildlife

Macedonian dense woods are home of many kinds of birds and mammals, like: bear, wolf, lynx, wild boar, dear, etc…Wild rivers and unpolluted lakes host rich biodiversity and endemic species of fish and plants. Observe and explore endemic vegetation, birds and insects and learn...

Folklore & Tradition

Macedonia has always been at a crossroad of civilizations and nations, and every one left its unique mark, tradition and habits. That’s why the Macedonian tradition is a blend of many cultures, folklore and religions that successfully live in harmony and last through ages. The...

Gastronomy & Wine

Life has taught the Macedonians to use the blessings of nature rationally: vegetables, fruits, clear waters, auspicious climate. The unpolluted air, soil and water, especially in the rural and mountain areas, enable production of eco-friendly food. Quality soil and clean water,...