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One can register for a traveling in all the agencies of the organizer of the traveling (further in the text the mediator). When the mediator does not indicate its role as a mediator in the travel voucher, then he is responsible of executing the travel itinerary as operator. The bookink becomes valid when it is confirmed inclusive with the written contract – travel voucher ( further in the text: contract) U pon booking, the traveler ( client ) is obliged to make an advance payment in the amount of 50 % of the price of the arrangement and the rest 15 days prior to the traveling, if not indicated otherwise in the travel itinerary. Unless the client does not make full payment in the designated term, the traveling is considered cancelled.

To issue a travel voucher to the client;
To provide the client with the itinerary and the common traveling conditions;
To offer the client an insurance, consisting of: a) health insurance during the stay abroad, b) luggage insurance; insurance in case of an accident and insurance in case of cancelling the traveling;
To take care for the rights and interest of the clients, according to good service customs in this area;
To pay the client an adequate refund in case of prompt justqiest written complaint for partial or total nonfeasance of the services covered with the travel itinerary.

To get fully acquainted with the travel itinerary, common traveling conditions and the insurance, that when signing the contract ( in his name or in the name of the user for which needs be signs the contract ) confirms agreeing with the clause: “ Acquainted with the travel itinerary and common traveling conditions, that I fully accept. I confirm a passenger insurance has been offered to me.”
To pay the agreed price under conditions and ways projected with the travel itinerary;
To deliver all the necessary documents and information needed for the travel to the operator;
To guarantee that his/hers traveling documents, luggage and other are in accordance with the regulations of our, the transit and the country of destination ( border, customs, monetary and other regulations);
To pay compensation to the operator or a third party in case of breaking the low or other regulations;
To appoint another person to travel instead ( conditioned that the person fulfills acquirements anticipated for the traveling) and to compensate the operator for the real charges caused by that substitutions.

Prices are in foreign but the payment is in denars cointervalue – selling rate of the National Bank on the day of payment, if not projected otherwise in the itinerary. The pricing is based according the working policy of the operator and can not be a subject to objection-complaint. The operator can anticipate that for the service utilized solely abroad, the client can pay directly to the external partner. The tourist journey includes at least two of these services: transportation; tour-guide/escort; accommodation, food and organization of the journey for which services there is one unique price defined with the travel itinerary. The tourist journey way include airport taxes, expert-local tour-guided charges or other if it is listed in the itinerary.
The price for the arrangement (unless otherwise agree to ) does not include:
Optional excursions;
Charges for issuing visas
Entrances to chargeable sights/objects mentioned in the itinerary;
Insurance that is separately arranged;
Additional services: room-service; using the mini-bar in the rooms; air-conditioner; sports; doctors; telephone or other services. Every special service ( single bed, additional meals or other) the client will pay separately and he is obliged to order them upon registering the travel ( booking). If he asks for any special service during the travel, he/she is going to pay for it to the external partner in the local currency of the country he/she is in i. e. to the immediate service provider. The operator can not be responsible for the optional and additional services used by the client which are provided and charged by the external partner i.e. the immediate service provider, that were not included in the travel itinerary.

The tour operator can ask for an increase in prices after taking the contract in case of a change in the exchange rates: local currency in relation to the currency rate an the pricelist and all other cases of change of the course of the currency in relation to the one indicated in the travel itinerary, or if there is a change in tariff of the coach operator. Up to 10% of the agreed price, the clients consent is not needed and the increased price is related only to the part of the service not paid by the client. If the increase is over 10% of the agreed price the client can break the contract in written fork without obligation for a damage refund, but no later than 48 hours in submitting the written statement of the price he/she had paid the operator. Unless the client does not inform the operator in the specified time-line, in written form regarding bis breaking the contract, it is considered that he/she agrees with the new price.

The objects for accommodation and the means of transportation in travel itinerary of the operator are described according the official grading of the domestic country in time of announcing the travel itinerary. Food, comfort and other services are graded under the local national conditions by the domestic tourist administration, and standard accommodation & services are different and not comparable in destinations.

Unless the client has not specified his/her wishes for special accommodation, he/she will accept any officially registered accommodation unit in an object described in the travel itinerary. The client takes the responsibility to get acquainted and obey the rules of conduct in certain accommodation object that may relate to place money or other valuables in the hotel safe ; bring in food or drinks in the room; obeying the house rules; the impossibility of room accommodation before certain time number of persons in a room; obligation of disembarking (check- out) the room at and. etc. The operator is not held responsible for the damages caused by not obeying the written rules and customs. If not otherwise arranged the accommodation of the passenger is at 12.00 h. at earliest on the day of beginning of the service , and disembarking the object at 10.00 h. at the latest on the day of ending the use of the service. Analogously to the above –stated, the current regulations and principles of the couch-operator while transporting & transfer of the passengers, will be applied.

All conditions announced in the travel itinerary are for the clients of RM. The operator is not obliged to up date the clients which are foreign citizens on the conditions that are applied to certain or transit country, but it is his duty to provide the necessary conditions and documents properly and on time. To travel abroad the client must have valid passport and in due course to submit all the necessary conditions data & documents for issuing visa, if the procedures are done by the operator. Otherwise it is considered that the client has cancelled the traveling. The operator can not guarantee getting the visa and he is not liable for any invalid lettering or the stay of the certain client /passenger. If the traveling cannot be realized because of the above stated reasons then the regulations from art 10 from these conditions, are applied.

The operator can cancel the traveling fully or partially in case of a state of emergency that happened after the announcement of the travel itinerary or signing the contracts. Unless it is specified in the itinerary, to realize the traveling the least number of passengers needed is:
1. For bus 30 passengers
2. Regular air-line to Europe 20 passengers
3. Intercontinental air-lines 15 passengers
4. For specifically arranged charter-lines, trains or jet foils-at least 80% of the seats.
The operator retains the right to change the day or the hour of the journey as well as the course of it, if the traveling conditions change(change in flight time –table; security situation in the country of destination; natural disasters or other emergencies) without any obligation for refunding i.e. paying any kind of compensation to the passengers / clients. The arranged accommodation can be changed only with accommodation in an object of the same or higher category, charged to the operator. The client is obliged to accept the change in accommodation in another object of same or higher category in the same place( town, village…). Accommodation in an object of lower category can be done only in concord with the client and paying appropriate compensation commend surable to the lower category of the object of accommodation. The operator does not take responsibility for change in the itinerary in case of unpredictable circumstances or a force majeure during the journey. If the journey is justifiably stopped, the operator has the rights to a compensation for the rendered services.
The operator has the power to cancel the journey in case of insufficient number of registered passengers, not later then 5 days prior the beginning of the journey and he has to return the payments in full within 15 days from the day of cancellation.

The client has the right to cancel the trip notifying the operator in writing. The date of reserving the written cancellation is he basis for compensation to the operator, proportional to the sum total of the journey:
-10% if the cancellation is 30 days prior the beginning of the journey;
-20% if the cancellation is 15 to 29 days;
-50% if the cancellation is 14 to 8 days;
-100% if the cancellation is on the day of the journey of other the beginning of it;
Change in the agreed date of the journey, or the object of accommodation, or the room or apartment, is considered as a cancellation of the journey by the client. He has an obligation towards the operator to compensate the real made charges if the cancellation was caused by unpredictable circumstances: illness, or death of the client; his/her spouse, brother, sister, relative, or conscription or natural disaster. If the passenger/client finds his own replacement or the operator finds the replacement, the operator has to repay the client in full or to deduct the real expenses (issuing visas, insurance)

If the services around travel itinerary have not been fully executed, the client may one for compensation from the operator in on time written customers complained. Every client signatory to a contract submits a complaint. The operator does not recognize group-complaints submitted by larger number of signatories based an one complaint.
Procedure for making a customers complaint:
-The client makes the complaint for inadequate service on the spot with the operator’s representative, ant there isn’t one, with the service provider. The client is obliged to cooperate with the representative the service provider in good faith to eliminate the reasons for the complaint. If the client does not accept the given solution to his complaint, that matches the paid service, the operator will not admit the additional claim and will not be held responsible for it.
-If the reason for the complaint is not overcome ( eliminated), the client makes a written report on it ( a record) together with the operator’s representative.
-The client submits the customer’s complaint no later than one days upon ending of the arrangement at the place where he paid for the arrangement and he also encloses the written report signed by the representative, as well as, any receipts for additional expenses. The operator puts into a procedure only the fully documented complaints submitted in the mentioned term – 8 days. He has to reach a decision & give it in written form in 14 days from receiving the complaint. The operator can postpone the term for the decision to gather more information and to check the claim with the service provider. The operator will deal only with those complaints that could not have been solved on the spot.
-Until the operator reaches the decision about the complaint, the client gives up he right to contract & third party, to take legal action: or contact the media
-The highest compensation non the complaint can reach the amount of the part of the services me are complaining about, but it does not include already taken services or the total amount of the arrangement.

The client has a free of charge luggage transport but up to a certain weight that is determined by the transporter. The surplus of luggage weight is paid by the client according the current prices of luggage. Two years old children ( on a plane or in a bus) which do not peed tickets, do not have rights to a free of charge luggage. The client has to take care of his own things. According to the stated, the client can realize all his lights directly with the transporter, service provider or others and in accordance with current international regulations. So we recommend to insure your luggage with the insurance company.

The client is obliged to obey customs and currency regulations of R.M, the transit countries and the destination country, as in case of not being able to continue the journey or the stay, he bears all the expenses and consequences.

For traveling to countries where there are special health regulations, for example vaccinations, or obtaining certain documents, the client himself has to do all the necessary things.

If, during the journey, the traveling documents are lost or robed, all expenses regarding issuing new ones and other, bears the client himself.

The operator is obliged to offer health & travel insurance to the client for the duration of the arrangement abroad, as well as, luggage insurance, accident insurance and insurance in case of cancellation of the arrangement.

Verbal information that differ from the contents of the travel itinerary does not bind the operator in any way.

Conditions applied to realizing child’s discount us well as other benefits defined with the itinerary, are given by the hotel or service providers and should be applied restrictedly ( ex. for children up to 2 years relevant is the calendar, date when the child reaches the age of two and nothing else over that during the journey).

With this wind of travels, the operator charges the expenses for the reservation according the time arrangement and other ( telephone, fax etc.). The client makes payment for expenses of reservation advance that cannot be smaller than 15 euros in denar counter value. If the reservation was accepted by the client, the advance is calculated in the price at the arrangement. If the client does not accept the reservation, then the operator keeps the advance for covering the expenses.

In case of dispute competent is the court in Bitola.