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Времетраење: 1 day
Локација: Macedonia
Цена: from 30 eur
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We pick you up from your hotel and visit the archeological site of Heraclea Lyncestis near Bitola, the medieval churches in Prilep, and the archeological site at Stobi. Optional stop at a local winery with wine tasting and traditional snacks.

On this tour you will visit and see the pieces of history and cultural heritage left in Bitola, Prilep, and Stobi – from the ancient, medieval, ottoman and later periods. In Bitola, we will visit Heraclea Lyncestis – the ancient city that was once an important stop along the Via Ignatia road. With its colorful mosaics, old theater and basilicas, Heraclea will give you a window into the late Roman and early Byzantine period. In Prilep, we will visit the medieval churches with their frescoes and architecture from the Byzantine period. And at last, we will explore the ancient ruins of Stobi – one of the most important cities from the Roman period. There, you will get a chance to see some of the most well preserved mosaics, public baths and other ancient Roman buildings in Macedonia. There is also the chance to visit a local winery near Stobi, and taste some of the best Macedonian wines.

Tour Type: One day guided archaeology tour
Departure: Bitola and places distanced max.100 km.
Duration: 1 day         
Activities: Cultural heritage; Ancient archeology; Sightseeing; Wine tasting.
Difficulty: Easy         
Maximum group size:
8 persons
Included services: Road transfers, guided sightseeing

Prices from: 30 euros per person

Not included services: Meals, beverages, personal gear and insurance, entrance fees
Supplementary (optional): Wine tour, including lunch and wine tasting + 15 eur per person


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