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Времетраење: 2 days
Локација: NP Mavrovo
Цена: from 110 eur
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We will pick you up from your hotel and drive to National Park Mavrovo. There, accompanied by the park rangers, we will hike and observe the pristine mountain wilderness, as well as have a fair chance to track and see brown bears, endemic chamois and other large mammals in their natural habitat. Also, we can take part in some seasonal wildlife conservation activities under the park ranger’s supervision.

On the first day of the adventure we will attend to the National park’s daily conservation activities and learn about the sustainable use of forestry products by the park’s bio-engineer. You will join the park Rangers on a off-road jeep ride and hike, to attend to the seasonal conservation operations and endangered species feeding program. After the trek is concluded, we will return to Lake Mavrovo, where we will overnight. On the second day of this adventure, we will take an early departure for a bear viewing trek led by the National Park Rangers. During the trek we will look for evidence that the bears have left while passing through the forest; bear tracks and scat. We will also observe some of the cave entrances, to eventually get a fair chance to spot some of the bears, endemic chamois, or other mammals.

Tour Type:
Two day guided wildlife adventure.
Departure: Bitola and places distanced max.100 km.
Duration: 2 days       
Activities: Bear watch; Wildlife watch; Hiking; Wildlife conservation.
Difficulty: Medium    
Professional, water-resistant shoes and jacket (compulsory) 
Maximum group size:
8 persons
Included services: Road and off-road transfers, Park admission, Park Ranger escort, guided hike / sightseeing, 1 x bed / breakfast         

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