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Времетраење: 1 dau
Локација: NP Mavrovo
Цена: from 30 eur
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We will pick you up and your hotel and transfer to National Park Mavrovo. On this tour we will visit the villages of Galicnik, Rostuse and Jance, as well as the Bigorski monastery (St. John the Baptist).

On this tour we will take a day to explore the rural area around National Park Mavrovo. There we will visit the old villages and their traditional way of life. You will get a chance to taste the locally famous Galicnik cheese, hear about the centuries old custom wedding ceremony, as well as see how these rural areas retain their traditional ways of life and coexist with the nature around them.
As part of the adventure, we will also visit the monastery of St. John the Baptist – known as Bigorski monastery. Within the main church you will see the most beautiful wooden carved iconostasis, largest in the world. We will also learn about the history of the monastery, the main church, and the lifestyle of the monks.

Tour Type: One day guided rural adventure.
Departure: Bitola and places distanced max.100 km.
Duration: 1 day         
Activities: Rural cultures; Traditional lifestyle; Hiking; Traditional cuisine.
Difficulty: Easy         
Recreational, water-resistant shoes and jacket (desired)        
Maximum group size:
8 persons
Included services: Road transfers, guided sightseeing

Prices from: 30 euros per person

Not included services: Meals, beverages, personal gear and insurance, entrance fees
Supplementary (optional): Lunch or dinner with village food + 12 euros per person
Picnic lunch + 7 euros per person

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