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Времетраење: 1 day
Локација: Meteori, Greece
Цена: from 32 eur
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We will pick you up from your hotel and transfer to Greece where we will visit the monastery complex of Meteora – built atop huge spires.

On this tour, you will get a chance to visit the Meteora region of Greece – famous for its Orthodox monasteries and churches that were built atop huge cliffs and spires as early as the 11th century. Inside the monasteries, you will be able to see interesting frescoe paintings as well as some of the items and rooms that were uses by the monks in the old days. Lunch break can be had in the small town of Kalambaka, at the base of the cliffs.

Tour Type: One day guided cultural tour
Departure: Bitola; Optional transfers from places of max.100 km distance.
Duration: 1 day         
Activities: Cultural and religious heritage; Sightseeing.
Difficulty: Easy         
Maximum group size:
8 persons
Included services: Road transfers, guided sightseeing

Prices from: 32 euros per person

Not included services: Meals, beverages, personal gear and insurance, entrance fees
Services on request: Optional transfers to Bitola, with supplement according to the group size   
Supplementary (optional): Lunch at a restaurant + 15 euros per person  



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